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God's Gift of Music: The Music of the Lord of the Rings - Full Documentary

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Video from Ashton Gleckman

"The Music of the Lord of the Rings is a fully remastered edition of the Lord of the Rings series featuring newly added content. The documentary is designed to take you behind the scenes of Howard Shore's masterful work in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and to show how he created some of the most iconic scores in cinema history. Special Thanks: James Sizemore (Orchestrator on the Hobbit films) Doug Adams (Author of Music of the Lord of the Rings) Film Property of: New Line Cinema Wingnut Films The Saul Zaentz Company Featuring Music from the Complete Recordings All Footage from the Extended Editions." from video introduction

I can not get enough of the music, the movies and of course the Books The Lord of the Rings. They are a window into God's world of reality and imagination for me! They have helped by God's grace shape my thought life to a degree.

The movies from director Peter Jackson was his interpretation yet they came very close to what many others had imagined.

In this excellent documentary we are treated to behind the scenes interviews and other points of view that further personalize this creative achievement.

I thank the Lord everyday for the richness of human creativity we are allowed to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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