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Video from DTBM

"Without God's Word life as a believer sometimes doesn’t make sense. We were promised life more abundant than anything else. A life of peace that passes understanding. A life that is satisfied, no longer restless, and overflowing with the joy of the Spirit. Then we face endless struggles and problems. God didn’t call us to a Cruise Ship but a Battleship. As we open to Ephesians 6 today we are looking at Paul’s gentle reminder to the church he invested in the most. Paul was letting them know that they are in the midst of an active shooter situation, every day of their lives. Paul’s three years in Ephesus mark his longest ministry at any location. So to the people taught the most about God's Word by the greatest of Christ's apostles comes this sobering reminder: Watch Out. Six Elements of Healthy & Fit Spiritual Living Paul told them they needed six elements of their spiritual life, all working together to be spiritually safe, fit, and healthy. Here they are: v. 14: 1. Truth-Belted Actions so that they did not get tripped up, or hampered by loose ends in life that get in the way. 2. Righteousness-Girded Hearts with God-honoring emotions and appetites. v. 15: 3. Peace-Surrounded Steps so that the unexpected objects along the pathway of life did not puncture and remove the peace God gives. v. 16: 4. Faith-Shielded Attitudes so that no flaming arrows of lust, fear, or other flaming temptations would engulf their souls. v. 17 5. Salvation-Focused Minds that knew and held onto those doctrines of salvation that have transformed every dimension of our lives: forgiveness, justification, regeneration, redemption, adoption, reconciliation, and sanctification 6. Word-Protected Lives that protect, nourish, mature, and sustain all that God has begun in us for His glory. This last piece of armor is most tied to everything we have and are. We All Need the Word-Protected Life The final piece of armor is for us to take up, and use is the Word of God. The Word of God as vital to our lives is the clearest doctrine presented in God's Word. Faith only comes by hearing the Word of God (Rom. 10:17). Salvation only comes by the implanted Word (James 1:21). Spiritual Life is only sustained by the Word daily (Mt. 4:4). Usefulness to God (sanctification) only comes through the Word (Jn. 17:17). Protection only comes by the Sword of the Spirit the Word (Eph. 6:17). God fills the pages of the Scriptures with examples or models of behavior to be imitated or avoided. Last time we saw three examples: Joseph, David & Paul. (SWS-34; 160925AM)." from video introduction.


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