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Gods Gift of Music: Choir Conductor Anton Armstrong - The Power of Listening

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Video from jwpepper1876

"Well-known choir conductor Anton Armstrong talks about how he treasures music because it builds bridges between people. As he notes, people need to listen to each other to make good music – an important lesson for children and adults alike." from video introduction.

Music is a gift that comes from a bountiful giver. Music will delight our senses, stimulate our minds, and lift our hearts. While you and I are this side of heaven our human experiences of music is often twisted and marred by our sin. Therefore we often forget how precious the gift of music is. But music is a part of God himself, like language, art, math for example. Music's very nature comes straight from the mind of the divine. As we revel and enjoy the beauty of music, we revel and praise the beauty of the one who created music.

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