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Gospel Focus or Political Preference?

Jesus Over Politics

We live in very uncivil times.

People including many Christians are participating in petty name calling, antagonistic language, degrading and demeaning statements.

Many people who claim to be Christian have plugged their ears and refuse to listen to the Gospel. Their hearts are hardened.

The belief that the condition of our nation is so dire that they must fume and feud with the those of different opinions even as they align with anarchists and white supremacists is prevalent. There can also be no doubt, if you read God's Word that Spiritual Warfare is at a fevers pitch! And of course we are at its center. But just as Gandalf told Frodo we must remember there are other forces at work in the world besides evil.

Comparisons to the situation in America now to those of the first century Christians are ill advised and certainly not comparable. We have the Resurrection, The Holy Word in its complete form and the Person of the Holy Spirit. Republicans/Trump Cultists are not victims.

It does not matter if we support Biden or Trump or whomever, when the dust settles it will be Christ that determines the course of history and our nation. Be can join in as servants or rebel as prideful individuals.

The social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc.) that so many are addicted to politicize every social issue casting Christians (who confront social injustices) are accused of being in support of a specific political party.

We have obviously surrendered our ethical concerns to the artificial and false narratives imposed by America’s two dominant political parties.

Is this you?

Ask your self are you more concerned about arguing a position as a gospel/focused/changed person, or as an endorsement of a given modern political ideology or party platform? And are you speaking to this person in a Gospel centered way, respecting them as another image bearer who has an opinion? It does not matter if they are opposed to the Gospel or seem to be promoting evil. Your vitriolic response only serves to convince them that Christians or Evangelicals are just another special interest group.

If the Gospel truly transforms you then you are expected to behave differently. Do you?

Truth without the application of grace turns us into political bullies, jerks and wimps.

Does this describe you? If so you know what to do. Flee sin (walk away from cults and conspiracies), pray, confess and repent! It is only by our worship and focus on our Lord can ever hope to turn this nation around.

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