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Getting Old for the Glory of God

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Getting Old for the Glory of God

Right now, you and I are aging. Our bodies are changing day by day, not getting better or more vigorous but breaking down, a slow cascade of malfunctions that result in total breakdown and death.

This as we understand it is a result of the curse on mankind at the moment of the Fall when sin and rebellion entered the world. From top to bottom all things were affected and futility and decrepitude became a part of life.

Death is not what God intended but what we chose. Even today after God made the sacrifice of sending his Son to atone for OUR sins we still sin and rebel.

In our time, in our Western culture as we age into what is called retirement the secular idea of sloth and self-indulgence seems to be the dominant thinking. But as Christians we are not called to retreat from the world in the final lap, instead we are called to use our gifts of age, wisdom, and faithfulness to minister to the world around us.

If you are retired are have just retired get back out into the world and be active in your community and church. Teach the young people what it means to grow old to the glory of God!!!!!

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