Has Amazon Contributed to America’s Political Unraveling? - Amanpour and Company

Video from Amanpour & Company

"Amazon is the second most trusted institution in the U.S., surpassed only by the military, according to a Georgetown and New York University poll. What can the company's disproportionate influence mean for American society? This is the subject of a new book from award-winning journalist Alec MacGillis. In "Fulfillment," he examines the company’s impact on the wealth and poverty of towns and cities across the country. He speaks with Hari Sreenivasan about what lies behind that easy one-click purchase. Originally aired on January 18, 2022" from video introduction.

How have you and I contributed to our community breakdown and even national breakdown by buying from Amazon?

I have been a member since it started over 20 years ago and I order from them weekly.

So is the author right about the influence Amazon now has because of its wealth and presence? - Andy

Fulfillment by Alec MacGillis (link)


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