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Helping Those in Need! Samaritans for Children Uganda

"We are a community based Non-denomination Christian organization but base on the bible as our pillar towards salvation and base on the concepts of the Lord, son of God in provision of our services inclined to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental support for a holistic responsible future young generation and organized Christian families." from website.

Samaritans For Children has always been there for the most vulnerable children in the different communities of Mityana District in Uganda. We reach out to marginalized and the less privileged children from very humble families. Some of these children are school dropouts. Many dropped out due to lack of scholastic needs and schools to enroll into. In most cases we sponsor them with school fees and scholastic materials.

Samaritans For Children doesn’t only caters for the orphans and vulnerable children but also reaches out to youth and women in different communities around Mityana District especially those in need – the widows and those who are thirsty for The Word of God.

We do this by creating women groups purposely for uplifting their economic welfare and their families. Our main target in their families are the children.

We also preach the word of God to these women, their children and youths.

Preach the Gospel

We work with different churches and schools in different communities around Mityana district in Uganda. We spread the Word of God to the hopeless.

Please consider helping :


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