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Holy Week Devotional – Holy Monday

Updated: Jan 15

Video from Trent Vineyard

Holy Week Devotional – Holy Monday

"A bible devotional series from the book of Mark, all contributions from members of Trent Vineyard. This episode was written by Marie Hammond This episode was read by Jonathan and Gail Race." from video introduction.

What is Holy Monday?

In Christianity, Holy Monday is the last Monday prior to Easter Sunday; it is the second day of Holy Week after Palm Sunday. Some denominations celebrate Holy Monday, and some do not. The Eastern Orthodox Church observes the day, typically marking it with Bible readings and certain hymns.

According to tradition, Holy Monday is the day on which Jesus cleansed the temple, was praised by local children, and cursed the fig tree (Matthew 21:12–22). It is the day following Palm Sunday, when Jesus came to Jerusalem in the triumphal entry (Matthew 21:1–11). The following day is sometimes referred to as Holy Tuesday, the third day of Holy Week..." from the article: What is Holy Monday?

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