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How Can We Be An Effective Christian Witness?

"...You know I block a lot of people on social media because we're vile to each other, social media is actually making us more hostile toward each other and more entrenched in our positions.

It's not making us social it's making us tribal, yeah that's what it's doing. Now it turns out the people I'm blocking are not all atheists but half of them are Christians both of us are guilty on both sides.

We are vile toward each other we're even vile toward members of our own family we don't agree with, why because on social media you don't have a real you know it's your some fake name fake profile you can say you have liberty to say whatever you want.

Have you ever treated your neighbor I mean your next door neighbor this way? No you would never do it, you know why they know where you live, you ain't talking to them that way. But you'll talk to some stranger on social media. So I think the first thing we have to do is really understand like what are we using social media for, what are we what are we doing with this? Do I have to have a a big word bubble above my head everywhere I go in the world that tells you my political position, my position?

Is there any privacy any am I allowed to have a private thought?

You know you got along for years with people you didn't know, what they thought about politics and you didn't even want to ask ,you know why because you wanted to be their friend!

If you knew what they believed about all this stuff you stopped talking to them, well now on social media you can't help but know what everyone thinks about everything. The virtue of privacy, I want to call us all to the virtue of privacy, SHUT UP!!, seriously and you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about a lot of stuff, let me tell you what I'm gonna talk about, the Gospel! The Gospel and then the Gospel because everything else is downstream of the Gospel, everything else is downstream of it.

Is the bible true and should you take it seriously so when you ask me about this thing x and culture?

I'm going to go back to is the bible true and should you take it seriously you talk about this thing over here on sexuality. Is the bible true and should we take it seriously? Everything is downstream of the Gospel, the gospel fixes everything and it unifies everyone..." FROM THE TRANCRIPT

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