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How Godlessness and Guns are Partners in Our Cultures Demise

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Godless in America

Let’s be honest for a moment. Gun violence, violence in general has become so commonplace in our society we really don’t pay attention to it until it affects us personally, and even then, the reactions are mixed.

So, this post is not about Guns as I support the right to bear arms. I am asking you to think about what the combination of Godlessness and anything that kills can bring. Let’s go back in history, even recent history the attacks on the World Trade Center. Those were the evil actions of Godless yes Evil people under the umbrella of a twisted religion using something that is used for good to do something evil.

Before gunpowder and guns people killed each other in horrible ways. And today people kill other people without guns in horrible ways. Sinful, broken humanity has never had a problem rationalizing an irrational act of murder. We have made murder and torture entertainment. Who has not enjoyed a good detective story or murder mystery? So, I ask you why is the death of another person even a fictious person entertaining?

And then we have outright unabashed depravity in movies and the Dark Web of the internet. I guess my concern is how we the Light of the World, the Salt, as Christians either by omission or willfully fail to act against these atrocities or we just overlook them as someone else’s problem. We in the church have overlooked many sins and evils for far to long, pornography, helping the poor etc.

So, guns will not go away but will Godlessness? Are we as gun toting Christians working hard for the Lord to witness, disciple people, help the mentally ill? What are you doing to help turn our culture around? I mean personally. Keep politics out of this and look at you?

None of us can accomplish anything without God. We are co-regents with our Lord. We bear some responsibility for how our culture is changing. Are we pursuing a Gospel centered life, are we praying without fail daily, are we actually confessing and repenting? The outward appearances of being a Christian will not fool God. Mixing faith with politics will not alter policies or for that matter reality. Do we hide behind politicians hoping they will do the hard work and we as Christians can take credit?

So, this is not a problem without a solution. The Church, the Body of Christ which is me and you should be so invested in the lives of others, especially the “least of these” in our society, that when someone shows unstable behavior or is threatening violence, they are then surrounded with biblical love and provided the help they need. Is that unrealistic or is it just something Christians by and large do not want to do?

So, I ask you do you value your “rights” more than you love your neighbor?

There is no doubt that if more of us left our bubbles, abandoned or politics and culture wars, locked up our guns and brought the presence/witness of Christ into the many communities stricken by violence of all kinds, we would see dramatically less carnage by guns or otherwise. We don’t need more laws or even fewer guns we need more Christians acting like Christians!


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