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How Masks Became the Flag of An Arrogant Ignorance

Video from Canon Press

"The election fraud means that a slow motion coup is in progress, and of course it is beyond worrisome. But a counter coup can be just as beyond worrisome. A counter coup can do one of two things. It could fight off the coup, defending the republic, or it can be a counter coup that destroys the republic from the right instead of from the left. A monster rally in Washington, on January 6 of all dates, is far more like to be the latter—unless the president rolls his aces. But to roll them he has to have them." from the Transcript, The emphasis is mine.

Here is a link to the Blog & Mablog website and the complete transcript to this video.

My fear all along is that the actual danger is not from the so called Left/Marxists etc. but from Trump and his band of merry incompetent men & women. Trump has no scruples, no respect for anyone or any institution, and no morality and would just as soon destroy anything as deal with it. All you have to do is watch what is is doing and saying now. The oft heard cry that Oh he's not trying to steal the election he's trying to assure every vote is counted. And if you believe that...

I have seen some of the evidence for supposed fraud. To me an untrained eye it looks like just collateral damage from a cumbersome and poorly designed election system. The problem of overwhelming complexity.

Trumps trumpeting well ahead of the election about fraud and his continuous and never ending whining about it has brought many of the weak minded into his orbit. they will believe anything he will say regardless of how absurd and will not fact check anything. They want to believe his lies. Now to be fair not all Christians believe Trumps banter.

50 failed lawsuits later and now the story has mutated into oh the courts would not look at the evidence, we must find one that will.

My personal belief is that Trump created a lie and went looking for evidence to back it up.

And the often repeated excuse that there are 75 million Trump supporters who need to know if the election was valid, fails to address the other 70-80 million or whatever Biden supporters that would feel deprived if everything was flipped the other way. So you see where we are at. The pride and arrogance that a certain tribe/political party must win and they ARE RIGHT and God has ordained their cause is beyond the pale, over the top.

God is not a mascot.

One of the hallmarks of the US and our exceptionalism in the past is that we did not stoop so low as to do the things we are doing now.

Want to make a difference? Then don't worship a man. Use your common sense. Fact check everything and far more important pray daily, repent of your sins, be humble.

May God have mercy on us all!

"If a lie is only printed often enough, it becomes a quasi-truth, and if such a truth is repeated often enough, it becomes an article of belief, a dogma, and men will die for it." The Crown of a Life (1869) by Isa Blagden

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