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Hugh McCann - How Does God Relate to the World?

Updated: Jun 25

In this video from Closer to Truth, Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn speaks with the late Hugh McCann. Hugh McCann was an American philosopher and professor in the Philosophy Department at Texas A&M University.

Hugh McCann - How Does God Relate to the World?

If God is the Creator, what is God's on-going relationship with the creation? Does God sustain the world by an active process, such that if God stopped doing so, the world would disappear? Or does the world now have a kind of self-existence independent of God? Moreover, does God ever make special interventions into the world, otherwise known as 'miracles'?

Do you consider how God is at work in the world around you and in your life. We do not live in a bubble, we live in God's world, which means HE is very active in it. Do we in our sin just choose to ignore God?

If we are in relationship with him we are not ignoring him. We become aware of his character and attributes we then revere and glorify him in our lives.


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