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Inside the Life & Studio of Artist Dorothea Rockburne

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Video from Limelight

Inside the Life & Studio of Artist Dorothea Rockburne

"Dorothea Rockburne is a 93-year-old abstract painter that has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, DIA: Beacon, and many more. Dorothea welcomes us into her studio and shares her life long journey as a painter.

Limelight is a documentary series that follows the unique lives of different New Yorkers. The goal is to tell unheard stories from around the city that will widen our perspectives and make us look at the world differently.

This channel is the creation of 24-year-old documentary filmmaker, Josh Charow. All films are made by myself and a small crew of wonderful friends willing to lend a hand on these projects. Your viewership and support make this channel possible and fuel me to continue getting out there and keep telling these stories. Every like, comment, subscription, and share means the world. Thank you.

Directed by Joshua Charow

Cinematography by Joshua Charow & Luca Silveira

Music by Pete Miller" from the video introduction

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