Is Spiritual Warfare a Reality?: Don't Believe in Demons?

Video from Capturing Christianity

"In this short clip, Father Vince Lampert recounts several real-life examples of exorcisms that he's personally been part of. We also discuss what else could have been going on if not demon possession." From video introduction.

It's interesting what we choose to believe.

Our sin nature rules over even those who deny they have one, just watch their behavior.

The complexity of creation requires a creator. The assertions of many that it just all came together is a weak claim. Not empirical.

The existence of a Spiritual world that overlaps ours is I believe evident across history. Today we try to explain it away with UFO's and the paranormal (demon activity by another name).

The Bible is clear about Satan and demonic activity.

Father Vince Lampert gives some good explanations and has some very objective observations.

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