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It's Never Too Late to Start Over ~ Life Reset at 30, 40, 50+

Updated: Mar 17

Video from Connie Riet

It's Never Too Late to Start Over ~ Life Reset at 30, 40, 50+

"You are never too old to reinvent yourself. Turning a new leaf is scary, whether it’s a career change, midlife crisis, or new you. Making changes to your life and reinventing yourself is a big deal. I hope this video inspires you to change your life for a better life, a new life. You can always start over, create a new you, and refresh your life. Life reset over 30, over 40, over 50, or over 60 is never too late. life, life rest, change, starting over, change your life, how to change your life, improve your life, it’s never too late, career change, life change, starting over, start over, new beginnings, new life." from video introduction

This video from Connie Riet offers some excellent life reflections that we all will face one day. As a person who reinvented myself at 53 to become a nurse and now in retirement have returned to one of my previous careers as an art teacher I can attest to the fact it can be done.

Pray and ask God the Father to give you guidance and strength to move ahead with purpose. Life is hard and we can only navigate it through God's grace and the help of others. - Andy

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