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Jesus Archaeology Series - James Tabor

Introducing a New Series: Jesus Archaeology

Video from James Tabor

This is the introduction to an exciting NEW SERIES on my Youtube Channel I am short-titling "Jesus Archaeology." The idea is to highlight the ways in which scientifically conducted archaeology in the Holy Land has contributed to our historical understanding of the "Jesus Movement" or the rise of early Christianity. How do texts, sites, and artifacts work hand-in-hand to bring us to a better understanding of the past.

Episode I: The Tales Tombs Tell: Ten Jerusalem Tombs from the Time of Jesus will be posted December 20th as the Winter Solstice Begins!" from the video Introduction

Jesus Archaeology # 1 Ten Jerusalem Tombs from the Time of Jesus--Exciting New Evidence!

Video from James Tabor

"Caution: This presentation is 1.5 hours and is for serious students of the historical Jesus--which I believe my Youtube subscribers are--in this age of TikTok, Shorts, YT videos that are never supposed to be longer than 12 minutes, it will find its rightful place. It is not for those wanting a "quick" surface take on things, but rather those who like long videos and a deep dive into important issues. In this first episode of my new series called "Jesus Archaeology," I take an in-depth new and fresh look at Ten Jerusalem tombs from the time of Jesus and the "Tales Tombs Tell." This video contains new and breaking discoveries that make a huge contribution to historical Jesus studies--too often neglected or ignored by many contemporary scholars. For much more on tombs, DNA, and future testing join the Tabor Research Community:   / jamesdtabor   I offer in the video these links to the following free materials, yours to download: DNA and Forensic Evidence from the Tomb of the Shroud NEW! Geochemical Testing of Soil Intrusion iLinking the James Ossuary to the Talpiot Jesus Tomb Tabor on earliest views of Jesus' Resurrection: Tabor publication "Testing a Hypothesis"" from the video introduction

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