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Justice Matters: Roger Stone Pleads the 5th Before Congress

Video from Glenn Kirschner

"Roger Stone appeared before the House select committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol to testify. But rather than testify, Roger Stone pled the 5th - he invoked his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination - and refused to testify. The question will now turn to the topic of immunity: should Congress immunize to Stone and force him to testify. Recall that Stone was convicted previously (and ultimately pardoned by Donald Trump) for lying to Congress when he testified in the Trump-Russia investigation. That is but one of the factors that will need to be considered as Congress decides whether or not to grant Stone immunity and compel his testimony. This video discusses the considerations that go into the question of whether immunity should be granted." from video introduction.

Roger Stone is a serial lyer like Trump.

He even claims to be a Christian.

"Political operative Roger Stone is planning to tell the story of re-committing himself as a Christian at a Mt. Juliet, Tennessee church on Aug. 30 after being convicted in an investigation of collusion to assist President Donald Trump's campaign, for which the president granted him clemency in July. The Tennessean reports that Stone will speak about his own spiritual journey throughout his conviction after being asked to appear by Global Vision Bible Church Pastor Greg Locke.

"I was unfairly persecuted by a politically motivated prosecutor during that period," Stone told the outlet. "I prayed to God to deliver me from persecutors during that period. I was reborn as a Christian." Raised as a Catholic, Stone said he admits he "fell away," adding that he now wants to talk about his faith, "because no matter what your problem is, God can deliver you too.".. from the article: Roger Stone Claims He Was 'Reborn as a Christian' After Pardon, Plans Tennessee Church Speech

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