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Kings & Kingdoms: Israel’s First Kings (1 of 8)

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Video from Our Jewish Roots

Kings & Kingdoms

"From the Mount of Olives, Dr. Jeffrey Seif presents the first two kings of Israel: Saul and David. The reason and role of ancient kings are discussed, as well as the expectations placed on them. Drifting away from Biblical values and virtues is a constant temptation for those in leadership and for all believers. (Program #1 of 8) SERIES: Kings and Kingdoms (2020) Dr. Jeffrey Seif teaches from the Books of 1 and 2 Kings. He examines the rulers of ancient Israel and Judah, who reveal lessons in Godly leadership. David and Kirsten Hart discuss their applications for today. Throughout this eight-part series, we hear Israeli perspectives on the kings, and Sarah Liberman teaches Hebrew words for worship. We invite you to watch our weekly television program "Our Jewish Roots" as we bring you Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith." from the video introduction

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