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Knowledge of Christ - Q&A #1 - Dallas Willard (9 of 10)

Updated: Feb 25

Knowledge of Christ - Q&A #1

"Questions: 1. How do we make disciples? 2. What is real authority and where does it come from? 3. In light of your teaching about evil in session 3, help us come to a better understanding of what it means when the Bible says Satan comes as an angel of light. 4. From session 4 about the Bible, please expand on the statement that it is natural that we would not have original copies of the biblical manuscripts. Would those originals have been inerrant? Why did God choose the written form for his message? 5. Is the offer of true discipleship only seriously pursued by people who are desperate enough to seek it? How do we present discipleship to young people? 6. How do we deal with the uncertainty in the Bible? With some of the things that are puzzling? 7. Some great Christians of the past have been wrong about things – how could that happen? where did they go wrong? Key Scriptures: Luke 14:26; Ephesians 4; Colossians 3; Matthew 7:15-20 Download the notes for the entire series here: Visit us at for more life-changing teaching from #DallasWillard." from video introduction.

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