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Knowledge of Christ:The Mission of Christ's People on Earth, And Beyond - Dallas Willard - (8 of 10)

Video from Dallas Willard Ministries

Notes Link: Our churches seem to be primarily filled with Christians who are not disciples. Many people attend church just as consumers of religious goods and services. If there were a discipleship scale that ranged from “Consumer Christianity” as #1 to “Doing Everything Jesus Said” as #10, what number would you give yourself? Dallas asks some important questions about what we’re willing to do in order to live in the power of the kingdom of God and in the character of Jesus Christ: - Would you be willing to spend 2½ years in intensive training like the disciples did? - Is there anything more important in your life than to learn how to live in the kingdom of God? - How do the various aspects of your life fit with Jesus’ teaching that you are the light of the world? - How are you and your church responding to the “Great Commission”? Key Scriptures: Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 2:21-22 and 3:10; Revelation 22:5; Matthew 13:44-46; Habakkuk 2:14 Download the notes for the entire series here: Visit us at for more life-changing teaching from #DallasWillard." from video introduction.


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