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Knowledge of Christ: Understanding Opposition to Knowledge of Christ Today -Dallas Willard(3 of 10)

Updated: Mar 5

Video from Dallas Willard Ministries

"Notes Link: In session 3, #DallasWillard talks about growing in our knowledge of God through interactive relationship with Him, and how that compares with how knowledge is normally thought of today. You will learn: - how evil plays into the idea systems of our day, - the real cultural significance of separation of "church" and state, - why science is becoming the primary authority for knowledge, - how to "seek first the Kingdom of God." Key Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:6-8 Download the notes for the entire series here: See Q&A #1 for a follow-up question about what the Bible means when it calls Satan and angel of light: Visit us at for more life-changing teaching from #DallasWillard." from video introduction.

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