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Life Long Learning to the Glory of Christ

Updated: Apr 1

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

Life Long Learning to the Glory of Christ

"Students of the online instruction course MasterClass have gained knowledge from some of the world's leading actors, writers, filmmakers, athletes, and others sharing their wisdom and experience. Correspondent David Pogue talks with CEO David Rogier about the popularity of MasterClass during lockdown, and with instructors Helen Mirren and Penn & Teller about reaching an audience passionate for their expertise." from video introduction.

One of the joys of living is learning, new things getting better at old things or just enjoying God's good gifts. We should, if our health permits be learning until the day we die and go to be with Christ. you see our learning does not expire upon death, we will in the New Heaven and New Earth be learning for all eternity!

And so we are lifelong learners.

The focus and center of our lifelong learning is the person and work of Christ. All things are that we study are in him, through him, and for him. Colossians 1:17 17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. As learners, it's not facts, information, and knowledge. Yes, it is all that and more. Beyond facts, we learn a Face, beyond principles we learn about a Person. Our lifelong learning begins and ends in our relationship with Jesus as we hear his voice in his holy word, he hears us in prayer, and we share in community with his body, all through the power of the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Resolve then to be a lifelong learner to the glory of Christ!

MasterClass on line classes (link)

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