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Live Life Fully: Exploring Our Shared Humanity

Video from Green Renaissance

"Making other people happy makes many of us feel good. It's great to know that you made a positive impact, however small, on someone's life. But there's a difference between being kind, and being a people pleaser. Being someone who pleases people sounds like a good idea. But you should never change who you are to please them. You mould yourself to fit the idea of what other people think you should be. Running around trying to please everyone with every decision - never tuning into your own needs. And you stop trusting your own judgment because you assume that other people know better! You have infinite opportunities to do what makes you radiant in a world of dreary times. And the people that matter, will stick around and love you the most when you are true to yourself. It’s never too late to live a free life — one that is on your own terms. “When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you don’t say ‘no’ to yourself.” ~Paolo Coehlo Filmed in Swellendam, South Africa. Featuring Meraai van Wyk.

All of our films are made possible through the generous support of our patrons. To be part of this journey : If you'd prefer to make once off contribution, our PayPal details are : Who is Green Renaissance? We are Michael and Justine - passionate filmmakers, living off-grid and dedicating our time to making films that we hope will inspire and share positivity out into the world. Editing - by Jackie Viviers Sound mix - by Tamryn Breakey' from video introduction.

We must qualify this video by saying it is by making Christ the person we want to most please we will ultimately please ourselves and serve others!

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