Living by Faith in Israel - Insights on TBN Israel

Updated: Jul 24

Video from TBN Israel

"On this episode of Insights: Israel & the Middle East, host Mati Shoshani speaks with Hanna Ben Haim, an Israeli-American tour guide and local believer who breaks down how each altar in Abraham’s life represents a different stage of his journey with God and how the covenant with the Land of Israel is central to his calling. Hear from Yair Almakyas, tour guide and Director of the Samaria Tour and Study Center. Listen as Yael Shevach, a published author who lost her husband in a terror attack in Havat Gilad shares how the settlement of Havat Gilad is a modern picture of a sacrificial faith put into practice in the Land of Israel. This video was brought to you by TBN Networks®. WATCH the full episode for free:" from video introduction.


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