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Locked Down in God’s Glory!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Church stained glass window
God and Covid-19

In life, in our fallen broken world many things happen that are beyond our understanding or control. Yet God has made it clear that he will be with us in all circumstances.

Looking at the earthly life of our Savior we see that in the most horrible circumstances God the Father was with Jesus except for that period in which Christ took ALL the sins of humanity into him to be judged! We will never face that because he chose to do it for us. But the example is clear that God the Father is always with us.

Right now the world is going through a pandemic, a crisis we have never seen in our lifetimes. People are dying and people are sick, many people are suffering because of lost income and are being pushed out of their homes. In times like this we as Christians have the higher calling.

Many people are suffering from depression and anxiety. That is understandable as we are being pushed to our limit.

Historically God has always used pandemics/plagues to turn the world upside down and break us away from our entrenched patterns of sinfulness and depravity.

America has become a Sodom/Gomorrah with our pornography, materialism, and godlessness. There is no doubt we have been experiencing God’s passive judgement. We may soon experience his active judgement if we as a people do not repent and change our behavior.

Bring at home is not what a lot of people like, yet we must understand that our mission field for God is wherever we find ourselves. If you are home be disciplined and read your bible, pray everyday for your nation, and your family. Help your friends and neighbors any way you can. Give people moral and spiritual support as the phone or on zoom.

Time is short, your life is a vapor, you may die tomorrow. Do not waste life’s precious time!

If you are locked down do so to God’s glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

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