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Losing Our Religion to Power & Tribalism

If the church in Ameria has failed when did it begin?

It seems from our history that Christian leaders began long ago a quest to hold onto power no matter what which includes losing our religion...

Losing Our Religion to Power & Tribalism

"..The most thought-provoking part of Moore’s thesis was his assertion the church must demonstrate it truly believes what it says it believes. He points to the tremendous cultural authority once wielded by the Catholic Church in Ireland that made it a cultural outlier—for example, regarding abortion—relative to the rest of Europe. More recently, though, Ireland has reverted to the mean and embraced abortion rights and the marriage revolution...The other issue he identifies as a problem for Southern Baptists (and other evangelicals) is Donald Trump. He refused to endorse Trump and labeled him as wholly unfit, coming under attack by the candidate as “nasty” and “heartless.” Jerry Falwell Jr. took a verbal swing at Moore as someone who never had to meet a payroll. The Trump candidacy alienated Moore from at least some of the most prominent voices in the denomination.

In Moore’s narrative, both the sex abuse crisis and excessive willingness to support Trump demonstrated to large numbers of Americans that Southern Baptists and other evangelicals didn’t really believe what they’d said in the past about character and virtue in political leaders. He finds fault with silly apologetics (Trump as a “baby Christian”) extended on behalf of a man who abjured the idea of repentance and seemingly rejects sanctification..." from the article: Russell Moore’s Challenge to Evangelicals

Losing Our Religion: David Brooks On The Allure of Tribalism

Video from Christianity Today

On a new Losing Our Religion episode of The Russell Moore Podcast, Moore and Brooks discuss culture-making, concentrations of power, and complex social situations. They ponder the potential impact of the recent affirmative action decision and how artificial intelligence might influence college admissions. Moore and Brooks consider how remembering the humanity of our conversation partners affects the way we dialogue. Their conversation covers the wokeness war, gender and sexuality, and political divides between men and women.

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