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"Mary Lee and Caesar's Cowboys " Everybody's Truckin' " - 1930s Western Swing

American music has taken root around the world.

You might be surprised to find Western Swing being played and enjoyed in Rome, Italy!

What is Western Swing? See the video below for its history.

In the meantime enjoy Mary Lee and Caesar's Cowboys in a performance of "Everybody's Truckin."

Mary Lee and Caesar's Cowboys " Everybody's Truckin' " - 1930s Western Swing

"Mary Lee and Caesar's Cowboys play " Everybody's Truckin' " written by Modern Mountaineers ft. Smokey Wood in 1937.

Live recorded December 27th, 2022 in Rome, Italy.

► Line up:

Vocals, Fiddle: Marjolein Mutsaerts

Guitar, Vocals: Luciano Micheli

Steel Guitar: Flavio Pasquetto

Double Bass: Federico Ullo

Drums: Alessandro Cipollari" from the video introduction

The Birth & History of Western Swing ( Official Video )

"The quintessential story of America’s most joyous dance music. Western swing got its start “where the west begins” in a ramshackle dancehall in Fort Worth, Texas during the depths of the Great Depression. It evolved with a spongelike ability to absorb a myriad of musical styles from black, white, rural and urban influences to create an intoxicating gumbo. This groundbreaking documentary film traces its origins, development and legacy utilizing original and contemporary voices from a Who’s Who of legendary stars and respected historians." from the video introduction

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