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Millions of "Christians" in Hell - Baucham, Washer vs Graham, Warren, Furtick (Sinner's Prayer)

Video from Reformedwiki

Are you going to Hell? Do you care? Do you know what Hell is?

Voddie Baucham makes the point that many today refuse to acknowledge. That Hell will be filled with many nice people who did not smoke, or drink, or fornicate. They helped their neighbor, they volunteered in their community. But they did not know CHRIST! They knew about Christ, they heard about him every Sunday in church but they did not have a personal relationship with him. They di not confess their sins to him, or repent or worship him or cry out to him.

Many were what we call Luke warm Christians, or Functional Atheists. They will be suffering in Hell for all eternity.

Is this you?

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