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Must the Cause of the Universe Be Personal?

Updated: Sep 22

Video from drcraigvideos

Must the Cause of the Universe Be Personal?

"Alex J. O'Connor, aka. (The) Cosmic Skeptic, considers why a personal cause of the universe might be the best explanation.' from video introduction.

"It's a delight to be here, and I'm particularly gratified that Walter mentioned the Evangelical Philosophical Society. God has been doing a remarkable work in the field of philosophy in the Anglo-American realm, and the growth in the Evangelical Philosophical Society is just one evidence of this. I’ve brought along some copies of our journal, Philosophia Christi, for any of you who would like to look at it more closely for yourselves. We welcome both associate members as well as full members into the Society. Both types of membership include a subscription to the journal, so I would invite you to take a look afterwards at it if you're interested.

In the program, the topic that I'm listed to be speaking on today is the topic of the elimination of absolute time by the special theory of relativity. However, in the interim I changed my mind about that topic, and having listened to Sir John yesterday, I was very glad that I did because I think that Professor Polkinghorne very effectively exploded the idea that the special theory of relativity has eliminated Newton's concept of absolute time. As Sir John said, the notion of time, or temporality, is a meta-scientific or metaphysical notion at bottom and therefore cannot be pronounced upon ultimately by science. Indeed, I would be so bold as to say that relativity theory actually teaches us nothing about the nature of time but everything about our physical measures of time. So I was glad that I had changed my topic from addressing specifically relativity theory to a more general discussion of the topic "God, Time, and Eternity." from the article: "God, Time, and Eternity."


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