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“My Mother and My Brothers” - Alistair Begg

Video from Alistair Begg

"What would Jesus make of Mother’s Day? Scripture provides a few brief glimpses into the unique relationship between Jesus and His mother. Examine those passages and consider the place of family loyalty in God’s kingdom, on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg." from video introduction.

"What would Jesus think about Mother’s Day? The brief glimpses provided in Scripture reveal that while Jesus was respectful, courteous, and concerned for His mother’s care, His priority was to do the work of His Father—and although she gave birth to Christ, even Mary was in need of salvation. In this “charcoal sketch,” Alistair Begg surveys the Bible passages that record Jesus’ interactions with His mother. These scenes remind us that, like Jesus, our duty to God must take precedence over everything else, including family loyalty..' from the website:

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