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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Open Hebrew Bible
Hebrew Bible

Victor Davis Hanson - The Culturalist: Liberty and Equality

Victor Davis Hanson discusses with Sami Winc the conflict between liberty and equality in history and in the present.

Closer to Truth

What is Philosophy of Art?

What is the nature of art? What makes something "art", and why should we value it? What is aesthetics and art theory? Can philosophy of art enhance appreciation and practice of the arts? Featuring interviews with Gordon Graham, Nicholas Wolterstorff, E. Thomas Lawson, Jean-Luc Jucker, Anjan Chatterjee, Stephan van Erp, and Nathan A. Jacobs.

Closer To Truth host Robert Lawrence Kuhn takes viewers on an intriguing global journey into cutting-edge labs, magnificent libraries, hidden gardens, and revered sanctuaries in order to discover state-of-the-art ideas and make them real and relevant.

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