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We Told You This Was Coming! Human Sexuality - A Biblical Discussion: Ask Dr. Brown

"I recently explained that, as much as I am sympathetic to the goals of gay Americans who feel that they are simply fighting for equality and freedom, I cannot support those goals for two reasons. The first is biblical: same-sex relationships and endless gender variations violate God’s best plan for humanity. The second is social: when we look at the trajectory of LGBTQ+ activism, we see that it ends up going in a very dangerous and destructive direction.

Recently, a man who identifies as a woman shocked patrons at a local spa when he exposed himself to the women and girls there. This led to protests condemning his behavior as well as defending his “rights,” with one protest turning violent thanks to the presence of Antifa.

To be sure, there were many in the LGBTQ+ community who were appalled, saying this is not what they stand for.... from the article: This Is the Dangerous LGBTQ+ Trajectory That We Have Been Warning About

Closer to Truth: Is This God?

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