Not happy with the election? STOP COMPLAINING!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Video from Wretched

Christians are supposed to be full of joy even in this dark and perverse world, so stop complaining. Watch and listen to full episodes of Wretched TV + Radio:

So a common denominator with Christians and others right now, especially on social media is the constant whining and complaining, mostly about the election.

Todd Friel makes a good point in this broadcast. As Christians we are supposed to be the light, we are supposed to have joy. So if you are one of those who are right now complaining, all of the time. Please stop!

Do something for your Lord and for your community and nation.

Stop acting like everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wretched TV + Radio is hosted by Todd Friel. On the show, you will see and hear live witnessing encounters, discussions of tough theological issues, and Christian commentary on current events. We might even make you laugh.

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