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Origins: Noah’s Flood Genetics

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Video from Cornerstone Television Network

"Join Origins host Donn Chapman as he welcomes geneticist and scientist, Dr. Robert Carter for, “Noah’s Flood Genetics.” What evidence do we have for Adam and Eve, Noah's Flood and the Tower of Babel event in the human genome? The historical claims about human history in the Bible are quite clear. Yet, most evolutionists reject these claims based on a superficial study of available genetic data. Our guest will reveal not only can the claims can be tested but they can be confirmed." from video introduction.

As we seek to edify ourselves about and through God's creation and his Holy Word there is much to be considered.

there are many good resources out there but here is an article that has been around for a while concerning the book Genesis Unbound by John Sailhamer

"In sum, Sailhamer argues that Genesis 1:1 refers to the creation of the entire universe and that God did so over the period of an unspecified length of time that could have been one year or fifteen billion years. The text just does not say. Genesis 1:2and following, which recount God's acts during the six days, therefore do not refer to the creation of the universe. They speak of a time after the creation of the universe when God prepared a land (which is the same land later promised to Israel) for Adam and Eve whom he was to create on the sixth day. And the reason that God had to prepare the Garden for Adam and Eve was, among other things, because "the earth [promised land] was formless and void [a deserted wilderness],and darkness was over the surface of the deep" (v. 2)." from the article: Science, the Bible, and the Promised Land: An Analysis of John Sailhamer’s Genesis Unbound


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