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Our American Road to Tyranny & Christians Are Playing Along

America the Babylon

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

And we in America have received what we deserve in Biden and Trump. Trump has rallied a cabal of supporters willing to overthrow "government" amid the false flags of election fraud, in a self-righteous attempt to set up a Kingship, and he may succeed.

has God turned us over to our sins? Have we a people so arrogant and sinful, so self-centered, going to get what we want?

Christians are not tyrants, or gossipers or conspirators yet today it seems many Christians have decided to be so. Is our focus on Christ or men? Is our concern for the many who are in need in our land or making political gains to prove a point or reclaim some fantasy?

"Having lost over and over again in court, Trump and his team have switched to their Plan B, which, as longtime Democratic strategist Chris Marshall spelled out in detail in Salon on Thursday, is to delay the certification of the vote in certain states and try to get Republican legislatures to assign electors to vote for Donald Trump instead of the actual winner, Joe Biden. This is based on the theory that if they can create enough chaos around the election results, Republican loyalists will rise to the occasion and "save democracy" from the Democrats, who are allegedly stealing the election.

Trump's behavior with all these phony "audits," even in places like Texas where he won, is explained as an extension of that plan. They are attempting to create so much distrust in the electoral process that in the case of a semi-close election, the default "solution" will be for the (Republican) state legislatures to take over the process and decide the winner. Lest you think the courts would automatically reject such a clearly unconstitutional move, don't count on it. As the New Yorker's Jane Mayer noted:

Few people noticed at the time, but in … Bush v. Gore, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, along with Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, hinted at a radical reading of the Constitution that, two decades later, undergirds many of the court challenges on behalf of Trump. In a concurring opinion, the Justices argued that state legislatures have the plenary power to run elections and can even pass laws giving themselves the right to appoint electors." from the article: Now the GOP has a coup plan — and Steve Bannon's ready to put boots on the ground

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