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Our Godless Culture - Why Are There So Many Mass Shootings & Shooters? Ask the Shooters!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

2019 Mass Shooters

Many of those who commit theses horrible and evil acts of violence have spoken about their reasons for what they did. It is no mystery. And even though there is some evidence of mental health problems most are sinful, misguided and godless. First lets make it clear that

there is empirical evidence that the more guns you have the more mass shootings you have. This is just common sense.

"The United States has 200 million more guns than any other country. It also has the most mass shootings.

That is not a coincidence,” says the author of a new study which proves that the more firearms per capita a nation has, the more likely mass shootings are to happen...The research underscores what gun control advocates and a majority of Americans have been saying for a long time now: easy access to firearms in the U.S., along with the lack of protections like universal background screenings for gun buyers, have led to institutionalized, normalized mass violence in the country...My study provides empirical evidence, based on my quantitative assessment of 171 countries, that a nation's civilian firearm ownership rate is the strongest predictor of its number of public mass shooters," Lankford said. "Until now, everyone was simply speculating about the relationship between firearms and public mass shootings. My study provides empirical evidence of a positive association between the two."

In analyzing the differences between shooters in the U.S. and shooters abroad, Lankford found that U.S. shooters are more likely to attack a school, movie theater or other public gathering place. Abroad, they are more likely to attack in "military settings," which includes bases, checkpoints, and barracks....Absent is any mention of how "good guy with a gun" incidents might have minimized the casualties, when an armed bystander intervenes, often killing the would-be mass shooter. These incidents, upheld by gun-rights groups as a defense for gun ownership and concealed carry laws, have in fact happened periodically. For instance, one shooting in a Colorado church in 2007 that left two dead was cut short when an armed churchgoing woman shot and killed the gunman before he could let off more shots. The gunman was armed with an assault rifle, two handguns and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition..."The most obvious implication [of the research] is that the United States could likely reduce its number of school shootings, workplace shootings, and public mass shootings in other places if it reduced the number of guns in circulation," said Lankford." from the article: Here’s proof that more guns equals more mass shootings

We are for the most part a Godless Culture. The time in which our culture was grounded in Christian principles that teach empathy, compassion, love among other things is gone. Politicians are not capable of doing what needs to be done. It is our responsibility as Christians to help turn around our societies breakdown. But will we do it?

"To explain what shooters actually have in common, we need to look at the suspect’s behavior more than speech or identity: that is, anger more than hatred. The most important risk factors for committing acts of spectacular violence are past acts of violence, frequent antisocial behavior, making threats, and a profound fixation on guns beyond mere ownership. The most important risk factor of those is past violence. Which might mean that American tolerance for everyday violence is more to blame for mass shootings than any kind of ideology. The biggest clue that the Boulder shooter posed a danger to those around him was his well-known history of threatening and fighting peers. At 18, he was convicted of misdemeanor assault after brutally beating a classmate. Police said he’d been involved in another more recent assault, and though it’s not clear he was arrested, it seems clear that he was engaged in an escalating pattern of violence. A week before the shooting he suddenly bought semiautomatic weapons, unsettling his family to the point that they temporarily took them from him." from the article: America Keeps Getting Mass Shooters’ “Motives” Wrong

Here are some things that appear to motivate mass shooters:

1) They tend to be miserable failures: They are resentful and mad at society and blame all of us. therefore we are to die. Their failures are transferred to society in general. Most of these people have no guiding personalities, parents are otherwise and I point out and typically have no faith or contact with anyone that does.

2) Social Isolation: Most shooters share this behavior, again they have no support system, parents are separated, drug, alcohol problems, poverty is also a factor. here again the support system of the church, family and yes God are missing.

This is Godlessness in life. Humans are sinful and often evil without God.

3) Mass shooters blame others for their failures.

4) Shooters hoard and fantasize about weapons. Weapons represent power over others and their life.

5) Shooters lack empathy. Again empathy is not formed in a vacuum. The virtues of living a Godly life are exclusive to Christianity. Yes Atheists can be empathetic and moral people but

Atheism is not a way of life that can be replicated in any way. Their are not groups of Atheists working hard to help people with their problems in life. The Church is active across society or should be. The churches failures in our culture today are obvious, we no doubt bear part of the blame as the church in America has become secular.

Here is what some of the mass shooters had o say:

“What I wanted,” Evan Ramsey told a reporter, years after walking into Bethel Regional High School in Alaksa in 1997 and shooting two of his classmates with a 12-gauge shotgun, “was to get people to leave me alone.” Was he bullied? (my question)

“I will have my revenge against humanity,” 22-year-old Elliot Rodger promised in a video uploaded to YouTube in 2014, shortly before he walked into a UC Santa Barbara sorority house and slaughtered six people before killing himself. In a massive 141-page manifesto, he detailed his vision of an “ideal world”: one where women had no rights and the human sex drive was obliterated. “If I cannot have it,” Rodger warned, “I will do everything I can to destroy it.” Sin, evil, Godless? (my question)

“I don’t like Mondays.”

That was the only explanation 16-year-old Brenda Spencer gave. In 1979, she set up a rifle in her San Diego home and opened fire on the elementary school across the street, wounding eight children and an officer and killing two adults. When a reporter asked why, though, all she said was that she didn’t like Mondays and that she was bored. “This livens up the day.” Evil, sin, no empathy? (Did she chose to be evil?)

You can read more of theses mass shooters comments in this article: School Shooters On Why They Did It

The writer of the article below cites statistics to show that faith has nothing to do with the motives of mass shooters. Yet I wonder of the writer actually read any of the interviews with these people. Their grievances and unhappiness is directly related to the aspects of life grounded in faith. What the shooters cite as reasons are directly addressed within the context of a Godly life, one in which families love and support each other, help each other etc. It is obvious to me if the majority of these people had stable homes, Fathers that were present and faith they would not be out taking revenge on society.

Read the article: Op-Ed: Mike Huckabee ties mass shootings to an absence of faith in God. Social science proves him wrong

As Christians are we reaching out to our neighbors and those in our community that need help? Do we volunteer? Do we ask community organizations what we can do? Is there a family we could help or mentor?

"In a satirical essay written following the Orlando nightclub killing, historian and theologian Garry Wills concluded that gun control in the United States is “inconceivable”:

So this time let us skip all the sighing and promising and moments of silence. Why keep up the pretense that we are going to take any real and practical steps toward sanity? Everyone knows we are not going to do a single damn thing. We can’t. We are captives of The Gun. The Gun is patriotic. The Gun is America. The Gun is God." from the article: Inside the minds of American mass shooters

My view is if all of these people who spend so much time buying and promoting guns would spend some of that time in the community helping the disadvantaged, the many young men with no father they might actually make a difference. Although more guns is our right it is not helping or changing the behaviors of anyone. Why not spend time helping people to flourish in life as a way to curb gun violence? You see there is nothing we are doing as a society right now that will stop this carnage. How do we explain that to Christ?

Is The Gun God?