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Philosopher Explains the Deconstruction of the West - Os Guinness

Philosopher Explains the Deconstruction of the West - Os Guinness

“The West today is in a moment of civilizational crisis. It lacks the inspiration, the dynamism that made it the civilization it has been.”

In the second of our ARC vision series, author and social critic Os Guinness observes that every great civilization has a dynamism and a source of inspiration. But there comes a point where a civilization loses touch with what made it great. At that moment, there are three broad options: you renew the inspiration, you replace the inspiration, or you decline.

From the Parthenon in Athens to the Colosseum in Rome, you see that great civilizations have seen a decline.

We are at a watershed moment like this in the West. We have rejected the faith story and ideological foundations that provided for dynamism and inspiration. The attempt to replace it with Enlightenment secularism and reason has proven inadequate. And today we watch as critical theorists unpick the institutions that bind us together.

Can we return to confidence in our identities and renew a belief in human dignity, truth, conscience, and freedom? Os argues we can relay the roots of our civilization." from the video introduction

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