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The Last Line of Defense By Bari Weiss

Our Godlessness continues to betray us!

Many in our society now celebrates evil over good.

The recent and ongoing gleeful outpouring over the slaughter of people in Israel highlights how we call evil good and good evil.

Many people both young and old have lost their connection to the moral anchor that God provides.

Will we repent or has God already turned us over to our sins?

In the video and transcript below Bari Weiss reflects on how far we have fallen.

Video from The Free Press

The Last Line of Defense By Bari Weiss

"Nov 12, 2023

Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture The Federalist Society November 10, 2023 Washington, D.C.' from video introduction

Bari Weiss: You Are the Last Line of Defense

My speech at the Federalist Society’s Barbara K. Olson Memorial lecture.

Months ago, I was asked to give a lecture at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention. It was a surprising invitation for a number of reasons.

First, I am not a lawyer.

Second: I am not a member of the Federalist Society—the libertarian and conservative legal organization. (If the name rings a bell it’s probably because you’ve heard of it in the context of the hearings of any of the conservative justices who currently sit on the court.)

Third: if you look at the people who previously gave this particular lecture—Supreme Court Justices, attorneys general, people like Bill Barr, Don McGahn, and John Roberts—the idea that I would be on that list seemed nuts.

But I accepted. Mostly because I was being asked to give the Barbara K. Olson lecture.

Olson was 45 years old, a lawyer and a political commentator at the top of her game when she boarded American Airlines flight 77 on September 11, 2001.

She was flying to Los Angeles that day so she could appear on Bill Maher’s show, Politically Incorrect, and because she had changed her flight to have a birthday dinner with her husband, Ted. Barbara was murdered along with 3,000 other Americans that day. She managed to summon the composure, courage, and clarity to call her husband twice in those horrifying moments before the plane slammed into the Pentagon.

Her husband, Ted Olson, has among the most impressive résumés you’ll find. But most important to me and my family: he argued in support of gay marriage in front of the Supreme Court.

I had many ideas for this lecture before October 7. But after the world-transforming events of that day, I felt there was only one thing to talk about: the fight for the West.

You can watch the video here. The transcript of the speech follows just below. Later today we’ll also make it available on Honestly, if you prefer to listen. —BW

When Gene Meyer gave me a list of the people who had previously given the Barbara Olson lecture, I was sure you guys had made a mistake in inviting me. I am not a lawyer or a legal scholar or a former attorney general. I have, in my time, edited dozens of op-eds about Chevron deference, but I’m still not quite sure what that means.

Nor am I a member of the Federalist Society. My parents, who probably couldn’t afford the local country club, raised us on the Groucho Marx line: I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.

Then there’s the question of my politics. I hear you guys are conservative. Forgive me, then: I’d like to begin by acknowledging that we are standing on the ancestral, indigenous land of Leonard Leo. ProPublica tells me that Washington is his turf.

Then I googled Barbara Olson..." from the article: Bari Weiss: You Are the Last Line of Defense


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