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Pope Saint Leo the Great - Dr. Taylor Marshall

Updated: Sep 4

Video from Dr. Taylor Marshall

Pope Saint Leo the Great

"Dr Taylor Marshall presents a Church History lesson on Saint Leo the Great. To learn more and earn your certificate in Catholic Church History in Church Fathers from the New Saint Thomas Institute, visit:" from video introduction.

"Saint Leo the Great, also known as Pope Saint Leo I, was born into a Roman aristocratic family. His response to the call of the Lord transformed him into one of the greatest popes of Christian history. In fact, he was the first pope to be given the title "the Great." Details pertaining to Leo's place of birth are not known, but it is believed his ancestors come from Tuscany.

St. Leo the Great became a very well-known deacon of the Church by 431, serving the church under the pontificate of Pope Celestine I. Leo was widely respected for his love for the Lord, intelligence and persuasive nature. He was also gifted in bringing reconciliation between disputing groups of Christians...." from the article: St. Leo the Great


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