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Pray for, Support Protests in Iran! Why Christians Should Care

Why Christians Should Care About Protests in Iran

Video from Radical

"Amid protests and internet blackouts, last week, our team traveled to Iran to learn about the challenges locals face under the Islamic government and why Christians should speak out not only for Iranian believers but all Iranians who are suffering injustices." from video introduction

With America seemingly in decline morally and spiritually why do you need to concern yourself with those protesting and dying in Iran?

In solidarity with all people we as Christians care about people, wherever and whomever that they do not suffer unjustly.

Long has the people of Iran suffered under the bondage of the religious fanatics in Iran. There is no excuse for what is going on right now in Iran. As Christians we must go before the Throne of Grace and intercede for the people of Iran - Andy

What to Know About the Iran protests

Demonstrations are ongoing in Iran after a woman died last month in the custody of morality police. How significant are the protests?

Iranian women have been involved in previous protests, but these are notable for their vehemence in opposing regime policies. Still, these demonstrations on the whole should be thought of as part of a continuum of protests addressing a wide range of concerns. In just the past few months, Iran has been rocked by demonstrations prompted by economic grievances involving teachers, retirees, and farm workers, among other groups. Protests against economic conditions have become chronic in Iran, where inflation is running high and the government has weakened support for welfare and other social services. Such protests increasingly turn political in Iran as the regime seeks to tighten its grip.

In August, President Ebrahim Raisi signed a decree for more rigorous enforcement of rules requiring women to wear a hijab at all times in public, which have been in effect since the founding of the Islamic Republic in 1979. This move was widely acclaimed by conservative clerics who now dominate Iran’s appointed and elected institutions as a restoration of cultural standards that seemed to be slipping. The tragedy of Mahsa Amini’s death was almost inevitable.

The 22-year-old was arrested last week by morality police and charged with violating the country’s dress code. Amini’s family said she was in good health at the time of her arrest, while police released what they said is footage of her collapsing at the police station before she was declared dead at the hospital.." from the article: What to know about the Iran protests

Iran's Most Recent Protests are Unprecedented, Here is Why

Women in Iran are leading the change movement

"The unprecedented protests that have taken place this week in Iran, a nation that has been ruled by theocracy for more than 40 years, have inflamed the country's people to the point of wrath.

While I have long argued that Iranians are prepared for fundamental change, this feels different. This is not to imply that people have not sought change during this time. The rage in the streets of Iran was sparked by the tragic death of Mahsa Jina Amini, but the flames have been burning for more than two decades. The current protests, however, seem to be of a different nature from anything we have ever witnessed and are genuinely upending the ruling regime.

Using images and videos from Iran, we can clearly identify three reasons why what is happening in Iran is unique and why many believe the nation has reached a turning point.

People are angry and unafraid

Two of the most glaring differences between earlier protests and the current uprising are the incredible bravery demonstrated by protestors and the fury they are unleashing against the regime.

Many videos demonstrate how the protesters are advancing while the authorities are fleeing in terror. Young people — the majority of whom were born after the 1979 revolution — are demanding their rights and are unafraid of the repression of the regime.

The protesters in the following video from the city of Rasht are being chased by security personnel and being struck with tasers and clubs before one protester turns to face his attacker. Other protesters surround and attack the member of the security force.

These kinds of confrontations were rare and infrequent in previous years, but they are beginning to increase as a show of support and self-defense.." from the article: Iran's Most Recent Protests are Unprecedented, Here is Why

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