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Providing Shade for Our Children, Part 1 - John MacArthur

Video from Grace to You

Providing Shade for Our Children, Part 1

"One of the, if not the greatest thanksgiving that I have continually in my life is the fact that our four children are in Christ. And before I talk about that today and this month, I want to say a personal word of profound love and gratitude to my wife, Patricia, for sustaining such an unwavering commitment to Christ and through righteous living that was embedded in the life of our children, so that they didn’t just have a preacher for a father, they had a model for a mother.

And in addition to that, people sometimes say, “What influence was most important on your children?” And the answer, of course, is Mom and Dad. But very close behind that is the impact of so many of you on my children, my grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren; and you touched all of their lives here at Grace Church, so that it’s not just what I preach or what Patricia says and does, but it’s undergirded by the strength of conviction and Christian life and dedication that the kids grew up seeing, and even the great-grandkids are seeing as well. So I’m profoundly grateful.

We have navigated the world as parents and grandparents, and now great-grandparents, and we have seen the hand of the Lord and seen His grace. And that’s very encouraging; I want you to know that, because I think there are many who assume that this is an almost impossible task, given the world in which we live..." Transcript

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