Putin's Mind: Sane, Mad or Rational?? Seeking Perspective

Video from Vlad Vexler

"As Putin's brutal Ukraine invasion goes on, this video explores Putin's recent fascist turn. What does it mean for Russia, for Ukraine, and for the entire world? What kind of fascist has Putin become?"

Philosopher Vlad Vexler provides some very objective and insightful discussions and extrapolations about Putin, Ukraine and the world in his videos. - Andy

Video from Vlad Vexler

The TERRIFYING TRUTH behind Putin's Ukraine invasion

"Russia - Ukraine - Putin: the truth behind why Putin is invading Ukraine and preparing a regime change. My analysis is based both on access to sources in Ukraine and Russia, as well as my own work in political philosophy. *chapters* 00:00 Why we struggle to understand the Putin regime 01:40 Putin's plan for demilitarisation and 'denazification' of Ukraine - scary! 02:30 Putin is invading Ukraine, but where are the Russian people? 04:47 Why the Putin regime is hiding the bombardment of Ukraine from Russian people. 05:38 Putin wants to stay in power forever 06:31 Why Vladimir Putin wants to occupy and steal Ukraine 08:25 Why Putin will lose the war in Ukraine 10:00 Putin threatening nuclear war in the 2020s 12:20 The long run with Russia and Ukraine - good news 13:08 The great Dmitri Gordon - his message during the bombardment of Kyiv by Putin's air force. --- #vladvexlershow offers a guide to surviving the 21st century. Surviving it politically, culturally, aesthetically, and coming away with a vision of the world that is at once truthful but also hopeful." from video introduction.

Video from Vlad Vexler

"Putin's brutal invasion of Ukraine raises a question about how far he will escalate. We look behind the walls of the Kremlin and inside Putin's mind to assess the imminent risk of two nuclear threats. First, a delimited tactical nuclear strike. Second, global nuclear war @Johnny Harris made a second video about Putin's brutal invasion of Ukraine. What's wrong with it? It assumes wrongly that Putin thinks he is at war with Ukraine. This video features the great investigative journalist Christo Grozev, 00:00 Framing Putin's Ukraine invasion and our nuclear risk 01:20 Rapid change in the Kremlin no 1 (destruction of free media ) 03:22 Rapid change in the Kremlin no 2 n (humiliation of intelligence chief) 05:15 What is going on in the Kremlin bubble? 07:59 Nuclear threat 1 11:50 Nuclear threat 2 12:57 The Russian people 14:05 What to do 16:06 Brutal bombing of Chernihiv by Putin" from video introduction.

Video from Dr. John Campbell

Vlad Vexler is a philosopher, musicologist & arts consultant. He is slowly writing a book on Isaiah Berlin. Born in Russia in 1981, his home has been Israel, Australia, Tonga and now London. Since 2003 he has lived with the neuro immune condition ME. For several years he was unable to walk or talk or read. His PhD research focused on political liberty.

"Clearing the Western Media Smoke Screens

...When I first began to visit the former Soviet Union in 1991, then still a unified country, I immediately noticed the huge difference in the people and culture from the way they have been portrayed by the western media. I also noticed that the news often portrayed current events as the polar opposite from reality.

In the time of perestroika and glasnost in the 1980s and early 1990s, a popular narrative was that this was a ploy for a short term “openness” designed to stoke the Soviet Union’s failing economy with the long term goal of returning to Stalinist totalitarianism.

In the early days of Christian missionary endeavors, I constantly heard missionary groups cry for fudding “before the door slams shut again.” Part of these fears lay in the mistaken notion that Russia is the Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38, 39.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, we heard about “draconian” laws passed by the Russian government restricting Christianity. In reality, these laws were directed at dangerous cults – including a suicide cult called the Great White Brotherhood that gained a national following in the early 1990s. Most evangelical Protestant denominations have continued to grow although they are forced to register with official denominations. Evangelical churches have gained a measure of respect in society as a permanent subculture.

Another lie was the frequent mantra that Putin had turned Russia’s economy into shambles. In fact, the Russia’s economy was the fastest growing in the world under Putin until the last seven or eight years when oil prices dropped.

When Putin was voted in as the Russian president, we often heard that he was a former KGB director, a Russian oligarch, a thug and a bully – who came to power through riches at the people’s expense. In fact, the key to Putin’s continued popularity was his lack of corruption and the fact that he did not use his position to gain wealth for himself – at least initially. We hear that Putin is a billionaire who owns all the wealth in Russia as though he is a 21st century Czar. In reality, Putin did far more than his predecessors to break up mafia groups and an oligarchy that overtook Russia when the communist system was turned over to an elite few.

This isn’t to whitewash the corruption in Russia that has continued under Putin. The basic first amendments rights enjoyed by American’s do not yet exist in Russia. This is a socialist country with strict controls over everyday life, yet it has made huge progress from the time of the Soviet Union.

Putin is far from the perfect leader, but there is no doubt that he has brought reformation to Russia and has elevated the Church – including the Russian Orthodox, Catholics and a smaller number of Protestant denominations – to be a cultural force in the society. Western Christians ought to recognize this and pray for Russia and Ukraine in the current crisis..." from the article: How should Christians view Russia and Ukraine?


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