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Rethinking My Daily Life - and Letting Go (The Cottage Fairy)

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Video from The Cottage Fairy

"Rethinking my daily life - and letting go Learn about Cleansea’s inspiring story here: Cleansea IG: @_cleansea Overworking is a tricky issue, as the majority of us need to work for most of our lives. When I found myself overworking, I couldn’t simply leave my job, instead I had to change the way I used work as a way to deal with my emotions. In the past I have often struggled with keeping a healthy balance between work life and personal life. I find this balance not by working less (as that was not an option), but by making sure I make my free time truly free and value it. And this can be hard to do! In the past I saw myself as a classic workaholic, letting work be the way I manage all my anxieties and stressors. When I had free time I’d fill it with more work instead of enjoying it, simply because it was what I knew. I have changed and begun to challenge this way of thinking, but it is a journey that I am still on. It involves letting go of fear of the unknown, accepting that I cannot control the future, and developing a rich interior life. I appreciate your understanding that this video is different, and I look forward to next week!" from video introduction.

The pandemic has helped many people to see the folly of overwork and excess in life. This young lady helps us see that to live life in the present, to be self-aware and reflective is more like what God intends for us to do than the excessive overwork of our culture.

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