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Saint Peter’s Bone Fragments Possibly Discovered At Roman Church - NBC Nightly News

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Video from NBC Nightly News

"While St. Peter's body is entombed in St. Peter’s Basilica, his remains are believed to be in a Roman-era pot in a small forgotten church in Rome." from video introduction.

"Saint Peter, born a Jewish man, was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. He is also historically recognized as the first Pope in Christianity. In Catholic legends, he is seen as the first recipient of the keys to the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. Under Emperor Nero, at a time when the Christian faith was under persecution from the pagan Roman state, St. Peter was sentenced to death by crucifixion at Vatican Hill. Tradition states that the Basilica of St. Peter, a stunning church built in Renaissance-style architecture in the 16th and 17th centuries, within Vatican City, is the resting place of St Peter’s final remains. The basilica was designed by Donato and Michelangelo, amongst others, and is the largest church in the world (interior measurement) and the holiest of Christian shrines. Three Italian researchers now “have expressed doubt as to whether the bones of St. Peter actually lie beneath the Roman Basilica named in his honor,” according to Aleteia....

from the article: Where Are St Peter’s Bones? Not in St Peter’s Basilica, New Study Reveals!

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