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​​SHEMA - A Prayer for Israel - Misha Goetz and Shae Wilbur

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Video from One For Israel

"This is our own little spin on one of the most sacred Hebrew prayers. We were inspired to write this after seeing and hearing about all that is happening in Israel. Although we may not physically be there, our hearts and our prayers go out to everyone that has been impacted over these last few weeks." from video introduction.

LYRICS: Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Echad You are Lord, over all - Adonai Eloheynu Adonai Echad Heaven and Earth will shake, at the sound of Your Name The Lord our God, oh the Lord is One

For the past 15 years Misha has been a worshipper who has dedicated her life to the art of music and the ministry of worship. Growing up as the only child to modern day psalmist Marty Goetz and his wife Jennifer, Misha’s earliest memories formed in Nashville behind the piano where she composed her first recorded song at the age of eight. “As a Messianic Jew, my dream is to unite Christian and Jew in worship of the Holy One of Israel,” says Misha. Her first full-length album, Weight of Glory, was released summer 2013 to critical acclaim. Her debut album is a blend of Messianic and Christian worship styles with most of the songs written and produced by Misha herself. Her newest project was done with her father, Marty Goetz and is titled LIVE from Jerusalem. It was made into a full-length DVD concert as well as a CD that is now available on Amazon, iTunes or online at

Sharon Chernoff Wilbur is the oldest child of former Lamb member Joel Chernoff. Sharon has a younger brother named Aron and a younger sister named Elisha. On April 29, 2006 Sharon married Joel Wilbur, the son of popular Worship singer Paul Wilbur. Sharon grew up in Messianic Jewish home. Sharon eventually became a singer. Sharon and her father both sing back up for Paul Wilbur. Because Joel Chernoff is best friends with Paul Wilbur, Sharon and her husband Joel grew up together. In addition to singing, Sharon plays the guitar and writes songs. Sharon Wilbur co-wrote the song, "I Will Never Leave You".

- IMDb Mini Biography By: anonymous


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