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Simple Ways to Build Your Child's Self-Confidence; Focus on the Family (1 of 2)

"Dr. Randy Schroeder explains some very simple ways to build your child's self-confidence. In part 1 of this two-part video series, Dr. Schroeder shares how crucial it is for your child to have self-confidence, saying it'll help them to have a successful, godly and responsible adult life. Dr. Schroeder says implementing these tips will help as you strive to be an effective parent. He starts with challenging parents to be leader parents, rather than boss parents. That's the difference between giving your children freedom and confidence, rather than controlling or micro-managing your child. He challenges parents to be life-long learners reading good Christian books, listening to podcasts and watching videos so that you're operating at a higher level of confidence which your child can emulate. Dr. Schroeder also encourages parents to stop being overprotective and gives a number of other tips that parents can start putting into practice today." from video introduction.

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