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Social Media as a Truth Maker Through Christ?

Video from Kiss the Tulips

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall - but first he met Alice and helped her understand the strange words featured in the Jabberwocky poem. This clip is taken from the 1973 BBC TV movie of Alice Through the Looking Glass starring Sarah Sutton as Alice." from video introduction.

"When I Use a Word it means what I choose it to Mean!" - Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was an early proponent of moral relativism, falsehoods and lack of character. He would have been a natural on the social media of our day.

Social media and I include outlets like You Tube in that category are filled with exertions and outright false claims.

And yes we have the freedom to lie and the freedom to believe those lies, God allows us room to be independent of Him.

Anytime you see "Revealed at Last or "The Truth About" be skeptical. Call it click bait or just out right foolish it is misleading and often, if not ALL the time just a outright lie.

Today it is acceptable to lie and exaggerate, in fact it is encouraged as a badge of honor.

Trump helped to bring out what has been fomenting for years, an arrogant and self-righteous spirit even among Christians.

Christ and his followers did not lie, cheat and destroy to get their way or make a point and neither should we!

Character Assassination Ad Nauseum

Just go to any social media and you are going to see how EVERYONE is sliced and diced by distant observers with time on their hands and no skin in the game.

The problem is the self-righteous among us have found a market for our verbal vitriol with little or no repercussions.

Our cultures moral relativism has rendered any factual or objective truth irrelevant.

On social media everyone is cancelled when someone decides they are not perfect enough.

The last I knew there are no perfect people.

Social media is real-time engagement, filled with reaction and raw emotion. Opinions are used as weapons to attack each other and political and pop culture personalities.

Our flesh, meaning that which we can do apart from God feeds our carnal nature through social media and other media.

We are often angry or upset so our emotion wants an outlet. We vent as our complaints and our anger is expressed. Our flesh enjoys a momentary superiority as we get validation of our grievances.

Christians as Truth Tellers in the World

You and I as Christians are followers of our Lord Christ Jesus. We abide in him by intentionally keeping him before us all day. We acknowledge him as a person who walks beside us and we speak to him not just to get something but to seek counsel and to lament.

We cannot please God in the flesh.

Romans 8:8

8 Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

As believers, we must die to those carnal impulses and walk by the Spirit, especially on social media, considering its reach and impact. Always ask yourself if your posts are gracious, edifying and considerate. Are you slow to speak, do you reflect love and kindness? Are you blessing or cursing those you call enemies, those you disagree with?

As believers, we must prioritize time in the word and in prayer. Social media can allow us to witness and disciple but there are “more needful” things, like being present with family and friends. We must remain sensitive and focused on the Spirit’s leading as to how much time to spend on social media, and as to how we glorify God on it!.

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