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How Elon Musk Will Bring Humanity To Mars

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Video from The Tesla Space

How Elon Musk Will Bring Humanity To Mars

"How Elon Musk Will Bring Humanity To Mars. Elon Musk has made it his life mission to bring multi-planetary exploration between Earth and Mars by 2026, with an uncrewed Starship settling in 2024. With plans to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050. Let's dive into how this can happen!" from video introduction.

Mankind has been attempting to reach up to the heavens since the Fall.

The Tower of Babel was the first example of such an effort and we read that God did not approve. Then as now mankind is attempting to make a name for itself and along the way specific men will make a name for themselves as well.

I grew up with stars in my eyes like many of you. I watched the first moon landing on our new color TV the den of our home in Pasadena, Texas not far from NASA headquarters at the time. I read Arthur C Clark , Isaac Asimov among others imagining that someday we as humanity would be like Captain Kirk zooming across the galaxy!

But God knows more and knows better, always.

As I have grown, matured and discovered that I am the worst of sinners, the realities of God's creation have eclipsed anything mankind can conjure up.

The reality of our sin nature is brought home by the fact we as a people, as nations, as leaders can spend billions on space hardware while millions on our world starve. America is as hypocritical as any other nation. We are or were considered the most advanced and prosperous nation until recently yet we have given in to the same selfish ambitions. You know the excesses, the huge amounts of money spent on weapons, political candidates acquiring large sums of money to win elections in areas that are poor and in great need. The foolish and prideful decisions we make as a people by omission or commission impact those around us.

We know we are sinners, and we know there is no perfect world yet Christ has given us The Person of the Holy Spirit to help us do better, be more just and compassionate.

We all are aware that projects such as this have yielded to some degree great innovations. Yet we are still left even after those innovations with our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens who are in great need!!

What if there was a project with just as much effort and expenditure (as going to Mars) to help those who are addicted to drugs, or perhaps renovating inner cities, setting up factories for more jobs. Setting up a system of mental health care across our nation??

What if the Jeff Bezos, the Elon Musk's and Donald Trumps of our world stopped selfishly lining their own pockets and actually helped the world around them?

What can you and i do in our own communities to make life better? Let us go to our Lord in prayer, seeking his wisdom and discernment! - Andy

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