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Speak Out & Confront Evil 'Before It's Too Late': Eric Metaxas' - Letter to the American Church

Video from CBN News

"In his latest book, "Letter to the American Church," author, radio host Eric Metaxas writes that instead of sitting silently in church pews, American Christians must speak up and take action to confront the evil that is taking over our culture before it's too late. He fears like pre-World War Two Nazi Germany, America has now entered into an era where Christians can reverse the course of history if only they would risk the consequences and courageously "step out of the boat" to miraculously walk on the water." from the video introduction

Eric Metaxas discusses what he feels are the parallels between Germany just before the Nazis came to power. he believes the church in America which means you and I are AWOL in our culture. There are no doubt pockets of the faithful in our nation that help to stay God' hand of sever judgement. Yet we seem to be going further into evil and sin by the day. Metaxas encourages us to be involved in politics and culture. I think all of us can agree we need to be speaking out and active.

Yet my personal assessment is Metaxas and others have given Trump a free pass to do whatever crimes and evil he wants to do as long as he follows the evangelical playbook. Our culture and people is so weak and deluded that many will follow Trump like a puppy convinced he is the Messiah! Even Qanon has made him their King.

Trump is a poison pill. We must find other people who have some since of virtue and morality. Trump can destroy American just like the Leftist Marxists can. - Andy


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