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Spiritual Warfare & The Paranormal: Hums & Booms Heard Around the World Part 2 "The Booms"

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Hums & Booms Heard Around the World
Hums & Booms Heard Around the World

Hums & Booms Heard Around the World

As for me I have not ever heard any distant or near booming sounds. Yet many people have and continue to do so. It is not an individual experience because entire populations hear it sometimes for long periods of time. The explanations are many. The fact people have been hearing them for centuries long before industrialization would suggest a natural phenomenon or the sounds could be from natural and other sources.

A rather intriguing mystery to consider. - Andy

Are “mystery booms” a new phenomenon?

"Despite much attention the subject has received since 2014, loud noises of unexplained origin have been commonly reported throughout history. The term “Seneca guns” has been used in reference to reports of loud booms reported for decades along North Carolina’s Outer Banks; the nickname, however, has its roots further north, where similar mystery noises have been reported around New York’s Catskill Mountains near the vicinity of Lake Seneca. It is further believed that these sounds were referenced in literary works such as Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” and James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Lake Gun”. (1) In Greenland, French Explorers near Scoresby Sound in the 1930s once described a deep, foghorn-like noise that has been called “Ton der Dove-Bai”. (2) Elsewhere around the world, the Bay of Bengal has its “Bansal guns”, while booms known as “yan” have been reported near Shikoku, Japan. The Italian Apennines also have their version of thunderous phenomenon of unexplained origin, similar to the Belgian descriptions of mistpouffers, or “fog belches”. (1)..' from the website:

Loud Booms That Shake Houses, But No Answers?

Video from Earthfiles

Mystery boom rattles Outer Banks, shaking windows and ripping pictures off the walls” — The Virginian Post - inversion layer? - loud booms in the area since at least 1850, when James Fenimore Cooper wrote about “Seneca guns” - deep mysterious booms reported on social media… “sounded like a bomb" from video introduction

"Linda Moulton Howe is a distinguished author, speaker and writer in the UFO community. She is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment. Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination and was an honored producer for medical and science programming in a WCVB Boston Station Peabody award." from YouTube Channel

Mystery Booms 2020 – Updated List of Loud Booms in 2020

"What was that mystery boom? Did you hear and feel a loud boom today? Mysterious booms is a phenomenon that has been heard and reported for centuries.

These loud booming noises or explosions rattle windows, houses and even shake people when they occur. And most of the time the origin of the rumbling sound remains unexplained.

In recent years, the phenomenon has been increasingly covered in the media, although these booming noises have been reported throughout history and around the world.

For example, the “Seneca guns” are loud booms that rattle residents for decades along North Carolina’s Outer Banks as well as around New York’s Catskill Mountains near the vicinity of Lake Seneca. Elsewhere around the world, Greenland has its deep, foghorn-like noises called “Ton der Dove-Bai,” the Bay of Bengal has its “Bansal guns”, Shikoku, Japan has booms known as “yan”, in Italy they are called “bronditi” and the Belgium’s thunderous phenomenon is called mistpouffers.." from the article: Mystery Booms 2020 – Updated List of Loud Booms in 2020

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